Op-Ed: Is Joel Olsteen a cunt? Absolutely, and here’s why

We’ve all been witnessing, hearing, reading, or perhaps even experiencing the devastating hurricane Harvey that has annihilated the southern coast of Texas these past few days. It’s been estimated that Harvey has already dumped nearly 50 inches of rain on Texas, displaced thousands of people from their destroyed homes, and has already taken the lives of at least 9 people.

So, as if this situation wasn’t already bad enough, it gets worse. Perhaps the world’s most well-known (and probably rich) Christian pastor, Joel Olsteen, had refused to let refugees into his megachurch in Houston and use it as a place of refuge and shelter from the storm.

This massive fucking Church holds nearly 17,000 people and also sits upon slightly elevated ground, thus making an ideal refugee camp for the victims of hurricane Harvey. Yesterday, however, Olsteen was refusing to let anyone into the church after a rep stated there was minor flooding in some areas of the church. Really? There’s a deathly tropical storm ravaging the entire state, and you think someone would be concerned about minor flooding in a warm, safe, comfortable facility that can house thousands of people? Unbelievable. The level of selfishness and egoism that it takes to reject shelter to thousands of people in need is difficult to fathom.

After taking an ass fucking via social media and news outlets alike, Olsteen finally agreed this morning to open the doors to this absurdly over-sized church and house the victims of Hurricane Harvey. It’s about fucking time Joel, I’m sure everyone will wipe their shoes at the door too you fanatic cunt.

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