Wage War releases new album “Deadweight” and it’s their best yet

The fab 5 hailing from Ocala, Florida released their highly anticipated new album “Deadweight” on August 4th and it didn’t disappoint. Their most dynamic album yet combines Bond’s blood-curdling screams with Quistad’s godlike cleans in a way that they have never showcased before. As always, the album is saturated with mind-bending breakdowns that make you want to bash your head through the fucking drywall, and a healthy serving of BLERGH’s!.

Deadweight demonstrated the group’s ability to write not only heavy hitting, fast-paced songs such as “Witness”, “Deadweight”, and “Stitch”, but also to write compelling slower songs such as “Gravity” and “Johnny Cash” that highlight Quistad’s vocal abilities more so than in past albums. The band also showcased Blake’s gnarly mitts on the guitar with multiple riff’s and shredline’s peppered throughout the album.

The content and lyrics of the album certainly stem from a deeply personal place and are plagued with feelings of anger, sadness, and confusion, but are lightened with sensations of success, hope, and faith. Wage War has had a reputation of writing extremely personal lyrics in the past, and this was a recurring theme in Deadweight. The album’s subject matter seems to point at failed relationships, mixed feelings while being on the road, depression, self-discovery, and the state of the world itself.

Fearless Records hit a goddamn grand slam by signing Wage War, who have been at the forefront of the metalcore scene for the last few years. Their ability to appeal to a large fanbase through personable lyrics, glass-shattering breakdowns, heavy riffs, and gnarly BLERGH’s! has proven a successful formula for the band thus far, and helped to make Deadweight another impressive metalcore masterpiece for the dudes from Florida.

Buy/listen to Deadweight here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/deadweight/id1228440598


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